Identify, Connect and Be Happy!

” Talk to Yourself Once in a day…otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world”. This famous quote by Swami Vivekananda summarizes the importance of one spending time with oneself and take a much-needed pause to understand the direction where thoughts are going. Definitely, This exercise helps us to introspect the drifting mind and accordingly guide us re-channelize them in a positive direction and bring out the best of ourselves. But is this sufficient to ensure the positive and meaningful flow of thoughts in our heads, when we are so much surrounded by negative thoughts, neck to neck competitions and aggressive point of views?  Does spending time with oneself is enough to heal the pain, low self-esteem, and emotional wound? Can a person who is anyways feeling low have enough strength to pull herself/himself up and bring a smile on her/his face? Take a pause and think of a similar situation you had come across in the past, was you were able to manage to come out from the depth of uncertainty and handle the pressure bomb ready to explode in your head. Or was it someone else like a family member, friend, relative or a mentor who was with you to lift your spirits and take you out of the whirlpool of negative thoughts.

The above stated quote of Swami Vivekananda’s is one side of the coin in today’s fast paced world, another side of the coin is to stay connected with the loved ones. If I say the quote for today can be “Talk to your loved ones once in a day…otherwise, you may miss an excellent opportunity to reenergize and bounce back in this world”. In this progressive and competitive world where technology and the virtual world has occupied a major portion of our attention. And, families are becoming nuclear. This becomes more important than ever to identify someone and keep them close to our heart all the times. Virtual friends are good, its looks really good to see over 500 friends on Facebook and 100’s of contacts on Whatsapp. But what’s important is to keep a vigilance of how many of them are close and out of that how many we can call as 3 AM friends. The online world is important to keep ourselves updated with the world’s trend, break the boredom, share virals, etc. But if everything from the online is getting poured into your head without any filter then it is harmful.  The virtual world is always on the wheels and has only “like” and “share” buttons as a medium to empathize with any situations. That’s why to avoid any void feelings, it’s important to identify and be connected with the bunch of really close people,  who have all the time in the world when you need them.


Photo Courtesy: MrNguyen

Photo Courtsey: MrNguyen


Friends and family are an important and inevitable part of one’s life. They are the one who defines you, nurture you, ignore your faults, feel happy with your success and encourage you during your failures. The virtual world may know us from the day we signed up, but friends and family know us even before we get to know the online world etiquettes. When we cry they try to cheer us, when we feel low, they hold our hands to pull us from it, when we are out of our mind, they listen to us. In spite of unlimited benefits one can avail by being in touch with the family and friends, the common challenge we feel today is that because of studies, jobs or other commitments, kids usually leave home in their 20s. This physical distance with the loved ones who ones were the most knowledgeable and dear to us. Later, we start questioning their understanding of our situation and slowly drift ourselves. Maybe our parents are not from the internet boom generation, but the heartache we get is never because of the complexity of the codes, but because of about the emotional distress we face due to some negative situation(s), which is no code dependent. And, no one can understand it better than a close-knit family and friends.

After a long day at work, coming back to home and calling parents or family sitting thousands of miles away and talking to them about anything you feel like will definitely give a  refreshed feeling and make us feel worthful, above and beyond the office reward and recognitions. This gives a realization that the work we were worried about is a very small portion of our life and there is much more exciting and endearing in this world. It helps us to bounce back with new enthusiasm for new challenges and uncertainties.

Do you agree? What are your experiences? Happy to hear from you. Drop your feedback, suggestions, experiences in the comment box!


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