Halebidu and Belur Trip

Halebidu and Belur are two small towns in the Hassan district of Karnataka, India. They are approx. 210 km away from Bangalore and an ideal place for a one day trip. Both the places holds a significant historical importance not just because of its unique architecture but their glorious history before the invasion from the west. Halebidu was the capital of Hoysala dynasty and enjoyed the status of the cultural, political and economic epicenter of the 12th century Hoysala dynasty.

The temples of both the places are built by renowned architect Jakanachari, a legendary architect of the 12th century. He is credited with building various temples of Chalukyas and Hoysala dynasty. Temples are carved with Indian mythological stories. It is said that it took over 100 years to construct the Hoysaleshwara temple of Halebidu. Currently, there are not many temples are present in their original form except  Hoysaleshwara temple in Halebidu and Chennakeshava temple in Belur. Lord Shiva is prayed in Hoysaleshwara temple and Lord Vishnu in Chennakeshava temple. These two temples are living example to the architecture epitome achieved several hundred years back.

My recent visit to Halebidu and Belur temples was an amazing experience as was a chance to relive the 12th-century architectural wonder. The intricate details of Indian mythological stories and complex expressions of human emotions were so magnificently described that one will be just stunned to look at those larger than life scriptures. The walls of both the temples were layered with intricate carving of Indian mythological stories from Upanishad, Puranas, Ramayan, and Mahabharat. It is a landscape of complex expressions of human emotions. Every part of the stories is so magnificently described that one will be just stunned to look at those larger than life scriptures.


If you are from Bangalore or nearby places and have a plan to visit these places, you may find the following itinerary handy to plan the trip:

Start Early- Ideal time to start from Bangalore to Halebidu is early morning around 6:00 AM via Nice Road. It will not only help you to avoid city traffic but also enjoy the fresh morning air 🙂

Road Condition- Road is in very good condition and broad on the way to Hassan. One can find less to moderate traffic on their way. One has to drive further 32km (approx.) after reaching Hassan for Halebidu. Belur is approximately 18 km from Halebidu through the main road. It is advisable to take a link route to reach Belur as it will save the time and helps to avoid the 5-6 km of a stretch.

Eating Joints- There are many good options on the way to Hassan. To name a few-Mayur Restaurant,( on the way to Hassan), A2B, Polar Bear-Ice cream joint, etc. Outside temples you will find several vendors selling juices, fruits, artifacts, etc.

[Note: There are no entry fees for Halebidu and Belur temples]


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