Brindavan Homestay, Sakleshpur

The Brindavan Homestay at Sakleshpur holds the true essence of rich flora and fauna which Sakleshpur offers. The amazing hospitality and the delicious spread offered to their guests is the icing on the cake. It is a perfect place to spend a weekend away from the hustle bustle of the city, in the lap of nature enjoying the freshness of the air and aroma of coffee.

IMG_2907Sakleshpur is a beautiful hilly town in the Hassan District of Karnataka. It is surrounded by coffee, cardamom, and pepper plantation, etc. This was our first unplanned trip to the Sakleshpur and turned out to a memorable event to cherish always. Thanks to the place and the people we encountered!

We, a group of six people (five adults and one toddler) were on the Halebidu and Belur (12th Century Hoyasala Dynasty Archaeological sites in Hassan District ) when we decided to add a dimension to our one day trip and explore Sakleshpur, which is 54 km from Hassan. Being a last-minute decision and the already clock was indicating late afternoon, we were skeptical about getting any booking in any decent homestay or hotel. After calling few homestays and hearing ‘No’ from them, we were in dilemma of how to conclude of the trip, whether to go back or stick to our plan. Meanwhile, I got a call from Mr. Satish (owner of Brindavan Homestay). He informed me that he got my number from the owner of another homestay whom I called a minute back. He told us that they have a large room with five beds available for tonight and after negotiation, we agreed on a very reasonable rate inclusive of food, bonfire and other rejuvenation facilities available in their premises.

Brindavan Homestay is approx. an hour from Belur and 20 minutes from Sakleshpur town.  The road is well maintained and en-route views are mesmerizing. We were welcomed by the staff and two dogs, an adult and a cute little puppy. Staff gave us the room keys and showed us to the parking place to park the car. As told by Mr. Satish, room was big, spacious, neat and well maintained, with everything in the proportion of five!

After relaxing for 15-20 minutes, our inquisitve nature could not bound us more in the room and we started our quest to explore the beauty of the place. Temperament and theme of the place was in absolute sync with the surroundings and the minimal lights in the homestay were making the place well camouflaged with the rest of its world. Meantime, the youngest traveller of our team was enjoying her share of fun with the puppy. In fact, she gave a couple of pet names to him and instructed everyone call him with that names only. 🙂 whereas grown-ups, on the other hand, were enjoying the drinks and unlimited snacks in the warmth of Bonfire. Also, we were informed that whenever we are ready for dinner, let the cook know 10 minutes before so that he can make hot chappaties for us. At, 10:00 PM, we had our dinner. The food was delicious and a balanced spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as well as a combination of pure south Indian and contemporary food. After enjoying the mouth-watering meal, we took a short walk within the premises of the homestay and finally rolled-up in our beds with the eventful memories of that day.

Next day, we woke up with the chirping of the birds and streaks of morning sunrays piercing through the clouds and falling on the dewdrops, which were spread like glittering pearls on the grass bed.Along with few other early risers, I took that opportunity to take a small walk in the surrounding coffee plantation. Pepper vine growing around high rise betel trees, and surrounded by multi-year old coffee trees were making the atmosphere mysteriously attractive.


Later, Mr. Satish also took us for the meadows walk in a part of his 22 acres coffee estate and educated us with the kinds of coffee beans, the effect of rainfall on them and the rich flora and fauna of the area as well as exposed us to the waves of mountains covered with clouds and sceneries of cows grazing the pastures. Lastly, after the sumptuous and delicious south Indian breakfast, it was the time to say goodbye to our host. Saying bye is never easy. Leaving Brindavan Homestay was the sad moment for us as every part of it had deeply touched us. But as they say- “We say Goodbye to meet again”. So with fun-filled memories and we left the beautiful homestay on our way to Bangalore.



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