About Me

Hi and Welcome! I am travel enthusiast, tea lover, a mother and the mind behind Urban Mantras blogs. By profession, I work with the sales team of an IT company. My full-time job occupies my most of the time. But not so much so that it can keep me away from my love of writing.

Urban Mantras is a dossier of my experience and observations which I come across on-the-go. It is divided into three sections:

9 to 5: This section includes the blogs related to the complex emotions and reactions we come across in our modern day office environment where we spend most time of our day.

Travel: It includes the details of places I traveled as well as the many other aspects related to any travel plan.

Random Notes: This is a collection of images, quotes and something which I catch my attention and I feel it is worth sharing.

I am in the process of building and expanding this blog in all the above three mentioned verticals. If you have any ideas, suggestions or anything you would like to read, feel free to drop a message at urban.mantras03@gmail.com. I would love to include and implement them.






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