Toilet is my birth right: Plea of a Poo!💩

Hi there, my name is Poo, people call me from many other lovable and interesting names. I belong wherever human species exists. My ethnicity (which includes,  texture, color, and viscosity) is directly proportional to anyone’s food habit and more precisely on their previous day meal.  I am most important yet highly ignored and botched part of anyone’s life. People can live healthy and happy without food and their desired drinks for someday, but if any day my mood is upset, I can turn their world upside down and capable to limit their access only to the loo!  But today I am not here to tell about my appearance, demography or my powers. Instead to talk about the struggle I have made to get my birthrights! This is my autobiography. It will not be an exaggeration if I compare my fight to reach where I belong to is any less than the fight which our women fought with the orthodox and the patriarch society to get a well-deserved position of equality, freedom of speech and right to choose in the society.

My situation is very tricky. I am the byproduct of everything anybody eats and while I am in the making I provide energy and necessary nutrition required for their well-being. In short, I churn myself to give others the power. But once I am out of energy, I am forced to be pushed out of the body. That’s fine; I have no qualms about it. I know the whole universe is bound to a cycle and every start is bound to an end for the smooth functioning of this cosmos. But, isn’t it that I deserve a fair treatment in return for the sacrifice I have done for you. I cannot be left anywhere in the open and abandoned to become a house of miscreants like bacteria, viruses, flies and other disease creating organisms as well as for the sneered look by other folks from your own species. I need to be treated with care and hygiene so that your this friend does not end up in a miserable situation. I assume myself as your friend because I can make you feel happy, healthy and energetic but friendship is never one-sided so if you will not take due care of me, maybe someday you will end up longing for me 😉

You must be thinking why suddenly I am raising my voice against all the miseries I am used to facing since centuries. But this has not happened suddenly, it was always there in my heart, after all, who enjoys a miserable life. In spite of trying several softer means to let people understand the importance I should be getting, I was ignored time and again. I have been treated as the most dejected thing in the life of anyone. But, not now, when the world is putting conscious efforts for a bright, secure and more organized set-up in every forte of life. Why should I be behind? It is a time to come over from never-ending dejection, discrimination and pity treatment. I am now just claiming my slice of virtue and piece of luck. To be fair, I am not blaming the complete society. There are few sections of our society who do take care of me and ensure that I get all the deserved treatment. But, is that enough? Isn’t it should be an everyday thing and a new normal for me. There is a famous saying “What goes around, comes around.”-This karma philosophy is equally applicable here as well. If you do not take timely care of me, I wonder if you can carry a healthy well-being for long! Till today millions of people in the world die because of unhygienic conditions and unhealthy food and water supplies. Please don’t blame me for it, I am not the one who is responsible for it. It is your responsibility to take due care of me and ensure your health safety.

I heard that government has allocated over 20,000 cr funds in the Union Budget 2017 as well as put several programs in place to mobilize the funds to needy people and assist them to construct a toilet and a proper sewage system for themselves. Also, to bring in the mass awareness about the importance of cleanliness, hygiene and the goodness it brings in our lives, there are several awareness programs, documentaries, and movies. Thankfully, due to these programs, India has seen the significant increase awareness about hygiene and hence an increase in toilet construction. But, still in the far-flung villages of the country, still people prefer going out in the field. Surprisingly, It is not because the government aids are not reaching there or they cannot afford the toilet but because of weird belief system, superstition and the “fun” of going out. For example, Gazipur village of Bihar state does have a single toilet in the whole village because they believe that it brings bad luck, ill fortune and death. In past, that village had some bad co-incidences, this led villagers to believe that toilet at home is a bad omen. I have sympathies with the families who faced bad circumstances. But the fact is, it is another way around. Having a toilet in a home has only benefits:

  • Family members especially women don’t have to hold their nature’s call until night
  • Better digestion and healthy stomach leads to healthy and happy life
  • Prevention of communicable diseases
  • Develop hygiene habit and a better standard of living

The news like bride backed off from marriage because of no toilet in the groom’s house or kids denied to come home because of no toilet makes me happy that people are getting vigilant and making noise for their as well as my rights. These sparks need to be converted into the fire, and if these beings remain adamant for their rights, no wonders one day all the houses of the nation will have at least one toilet. Till that time come, I will keep stirring the stomach of these “deafs” to compel them to hear my voice and understand what I want!

In case, you have an excuse that you are not aware of the government schemes on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. I am passing below few link to give you more insights about how you can avail the benefit of it and become a proud owner of a toilet:

Happy Downloading!


Thoughts evoking hair growth 😜

pexels-photo-208052Tomorrow I have to attend my friend’s marriage, and until I realized an extra hair growth below on my eyebrow, I was all excited to go,  meet my old friends and show off my new RITU KUMAR’s collection and designer jewelry. That moment proved the turning point of my uplifted mood and pushed me in the whirlpool of thoughts like how to get rid of that poor little hair which is intentionally trying to mess up with my appearance. That thin streak seemed like a sharp sword with a plan to cut on my hard work to look bright and beautiful. (Excuse my hyper-obsession ;P)

That extra hair growth has changed my complete weekend plan. To remove it has become my top most priority.  All the things I planned for my lazy Saturday went through a rigorous revision and reprioritization. And, the funny part is that the whole mental drama is happening for an event where the 99% of the folks I will be meeting are unrelated or may be seeing them for the first and last time in my life. Is so much fuss worth? But isn’t it how most of us waste or I should say spend our lives in small-small things which do not even hold any values in a bigger picture.

My intellectual side suggested me to ignore these self-obsessed thoughts, while the “normal” me asked me to chop it as ultimately it’s the looks which make the first impression and to an extent affect the degree of our presence in any social gathering. In fact, as per a research result, facial appearance plays a preeminent role in social outcomes. It leads to the first impression and advantages over the other average lookers.

I assume the majority of the world population falls into the latter category and get overcast by the impulsive thought of possible people’s assumptions about oneself based on their looks. The world is moving very fast, and in a hurry to assume and announce their decisions, this may not be applicable at an individual level, but overall this phenomenon has created a fear of lagging behind the race and hence developed an unrest to jump to the conclusion as soon as possible. And, to an extent, this psychological pressure helps beauty and fairness products to do billion dollar business. Today, this has become like a chicken and egg situation where we are hurtling between which weighs more: looks or performance.

Finally, in between these oscillatory thoughts,  I decided the fate of my disturbing hair growth and that was to carry it to the party. Hold on! It was not because I am all that highly rebellious, questioning the dubious society standards type of girl but because there were other commitments which seeped in-between!